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Beijing nightlife enhanced with government measures

2022-07-20 US government shuts down Event marks founding of historic mountaineering school Trump says women marching for 'economic success' White House says it prepares for govt shutdown One year into US President Donald Trump's presidency Death penalty sought over scholar’s murder Hohhot lets the games begin with equestrian event New test for detecting common cancers shows promise Republicans, Democrats remain in standoff after first day of US government shutdown US national defense strategy aims at China, Russia Downtown Beijing intensifies preservation work Temples climb toward the sky Latest drugs challenge canine sniffers Scientists find new cellulose for producing future renewable fuels, antibiotic drugs US says Africa important but no apology for Trump 6.3-magnitude quake hits 76km S of Putre, Chile UN official urges LatAm to make most of China's Belt and Road Initiative Beijing nightlife enhanced with government measures Guangzhou gives impetus to garbage sorting